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Bryan Cranston Teases Breaking Bad Fans by Saying “Never Say Never”

It what may amount to the best news I have ever written, seems Bryan Cranston is being rather coy right now as to whether or not we will ever see Walter White (his Breaking Bad alter ego) again. During an interview with CNN, interviewer Ashleigh Banfield admitted she had her doubts that Walt was dead, as we last saw him lying on his back, looking up. They implied he died, but they did not actually show us the finality of that. How Cranston answered her just got Breaking Bad fans foaming at the mouth.

“Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything” was his first response, clearly pointing out that we never saw Walter White get wrapped up in a body bag. Ashleigh followed this up by essentially asking if Walter White was dead, or if there is a chance we could see him down the road in a movie or something. Bryan Cranston’s answer gave me chills:

Never Say Never

Listen, if I know one thing about Hollywood is that when they shut a book, they shut a book. If Bryan Cranston is saying that there may be a chance we will see Walter White again, that means there is a pretty good chance we will be seeing Walter White again. In what form, we do not know. Maybe on Better Call Saul. Maybe in a film version of the show. For now, we have no idea. We are just really glad to hear there is a chance.

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