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Buzz Aldrin is Officially Divorced and on the Prowl

It was over a year in the making — but Buzz Aldrin’s bitter divorce from wife #3 is finally official and she’s making off like a bandit. The divorce order was signed just three days after Christmas and according to the docs, Buzz’ ex-wife Lois Driggs Cannon gets pretty much half his fortune including 50% of a $475,000 bank account, and 50% of the profits from his businesses, trademarks, and stocks.

As for spousal support, Buzz has agreed to pay Lois $9,500 a month plus 30% of his annual income, estimated at more than $600,000. They have no kids.

OK let’s face it I posted this article because of this picture.  Is this not one of the scariest couples in the universe.   Buzz is going to have to travel to the moon again to find a creature that will want to shack up with him again.   Good God folks!  Get a better camera or something will ya?

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