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Cate Blanchett Oscar Celebration Includes Getting a Tattoo with Amy Adams

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So how would you celebrate after the Oscars? Do you think you would party hard, or do you think you would be just be tired from the evening and would want to go home and chill out? Do you think you would party any differently if you won? I am only asking because Cate Blanchett’s Oscar celebration included getting a tattoo with fellow actress Amy Adams. The best part is, they were both up for Best Actress, and Blanchett won. But Amy Adams and her fiance actually went with Blanchett to the tattoo shop where she got inked after her big win. Man, I did NOT see this story coming.

Sometimes, when I wrote up certain news stories, I find myself wishing I was a fly on the wall who witnessed the whole thing. This is a perfect example of that. Think about it, you are sitting in a tattoo shop, just waiting to get some work done, and Cate Blanchett walks in with Amy Adams. I mean, it almost sounds like the set up to a bad joke. Amy Adams and Cate Blanchett walk into a tattoo shop in L.A. It just sounds made up, but it is 100% true.

The name of the tattoo parlor is the Shamrock Social Club, and it is in West L.A. So go there if you are in the area and find out what Cate Blanchett tatted on her wrist. I can’t lie, I am super curious.

*Still has fingers crossed that it is my name

(Photo by Jason LaVeris/WireImage)

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