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Celebrities Are Getting Worried about Their Rolex Watches

Singer John Mayer found out that a bunch of Rolex watches he may have paid millions for are fake. Yup. The thing is, the person Mayer bought the watches off of is a rather well-known watch distributor, and now a whole bunch of celebrities are worrying that the Rolex watches they have may be fake.

Now you have B-listers like Heather Locklear scared the the classic watches they have may also be fake, as they were purchased off the same person. A man named Bob Maron. Listen, not for nothing, if your biggest problem this month is that your expensive, collector watches may be fake, you are actually really still ahead of the game. You are not burying someone you love.  You are not flying into a no flight zone. Essentially, that is a pretty small problem to have. Don’t get me wrong, knowing you plunked down millions for a fake watch is a financial pain the butt, but amongst the list of most important problems, it seems like a problem that would be at the bottom.

Plus, John Mayer is suing the dude, which will bring his name out, and everyone will now know to stay away from the guy and his shady, fake watches. So if anything, it is a good thing that he will not be able to to do this to anyone else. See, silver linings, people. Just make sure the silver is real, and not fancy aluminum foil.

(Photo by The Image Gate/Getty Images)

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