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Celebrities Respond to Joan Rivers’ Passing

Joan Rivers

Yesterday afternoon, celebrities, fans, and close friends were all stunned and saddened when news of Joan Rivers’ death was announced.  Rivers’ daughter, Melissa Rivers, sadly announced that after several days in the hospital her mother passed at 1:17pm, and almost instantly, those who knew Joan River best took to the internet to express their deep sadness for the loss of the remarkable queen of all things funny and fashionable.  While Rivers was often seen as a controversial comedian with no boundries, she was also deeply respected as a pioneer and a skilled entertainer.  Between, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, and other internet outlets celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg, Will Smith, and Jimmy Kimmel have shown through their condolences that while Rivers was a lot of things, she was most importantly loved and will be missed.  Though some celebrities paid their respects with a few kind words, some of those closest to the Fashion Police cast member, put a more personal touch on their statements. Here is a list of some of the most heartfelt celebrity condolences.

5. Carol Burnett

“I knew Joan for 50 years, and she was always fun, charming and sweet to be with, and funny as hell. She was also the poster child for the ‘Energizer Bunny!’ My love goes out to Melissa and Cooper. I am very sad today.”

4. Billy Eichner

“Joan was truly an inspiration. She encouraged me long before anyone else and she did that for many comedians and writers she believed in. She was a joy to be around and she led a truly fabulous life. I will never forget her and will miss her terribly.”

3. Barbara Walters

“No one loved life, laughter, and a good time more than Joan. We would have dinner and laugh and gossip and I always left the table smiling.   She was a brassy, often outrageous, and hilarious performer who made millions laugh.  In private, she was the picture of elegance and class.  I will miss her.”

2. Nancy Reagan:

“Joan Rivers was not only a dear friend, but one of the kindest and funniest people I ever knew.  I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t laughed at her or with her until they cried. Today our tears are those of sadness. I know I join millions in saying, “Thanks for the good times Joan, we will truly miss you. My love and deepest sympathy go to Melissa and Cooper.”

1. Louis C.K.

“I feel very lucky that I knew Joan Rivers and I feel very sad that she’s gone.  She was a great comedian and a wonderful person.   I never saw someone attack a stage with so much energy.  She was a controlled lightning bolt.  She was a prolific and unpredictable, joyful joke writer.   She loved comedy.  She loved the audience.  She was a great actress and should have done that more.She loved living and working.  She was kind.  She was real.  She was brave. She was funny and you just wanted to be around her.  I looked up to her.  I learned from her.  I loved her. I liked her.  And I already miss her very much.  It really f–king sucks that she had to die all of a sudden.”

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