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The Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher Feud is Getting Heated

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Okay, so this one is a bit silly. Only because it is two grown men who are famous for acting like boys, and here they are, acting like boys. There has already been some bad blood between these two because Kutcher came in and took Sheen’s job. But that only happened because of Sheen’s lack of professionalism. Well, anyway, after some more exchanges, seems the Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher feud is getting heated. Relax, though. It is equal parts heated and kind of silly.

So the long story is that these two have been having Twitter exchanges for some time now. Charlie Sheen talks a lot, and Ashton Kutcher (mostly) ignores it. Except there was one time when Kutcher told him to shut up on Twitter, and that was enough to send Charlie Sheen over the edge. His response to it. Well, it was typical Charlie Sheen. Overly dramatic and very angry. He basically said that if Ashton Kutcher ever talked to him like that again, Sheen would put him in the hospital.

So really, this is two boys posturing like boys on a public forum, when they should be holding and representing themselves like men and consummate professionals. You can’t help but read about this Charlie Sheen and Ashton Kutcher feud and just kind of laugh. I mean, what kind of adults talk like that to each other? What other grown men in this world walking around making some insane claims. Put him in the hospital? The problem is, in Hollywood, everyone focuses all their energies on the one or two poeple they don’t like, and this is what you get from that.

I say grow up, boys. Go back to your respective corners, do your job the best you can, and out out the high school drama. Oh no. Does Charlie Sheen want to beat me up now?

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