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Charlie Sheen Delays the Production of Anger Management

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Man, when will Charlie Sheen learn? You can’t just do what you want, whenever you want, and not expect it to catch up with you at some point. Life is not like that. People take note of these things and you begin to get reputation. One that Sheen already has. Well, he didn’t help that this week when he delayed the production of Anger Management for days by not even showing up. Rumor is that has been a trend on the set for last few weeks. Do you think this is it, people? Is he finally driving the nail into his own coffin?

Rumor has it that Charlie Sheen Delays production of Anger Management because he has had some vocal chords issues, but why are we just supposed to believe that? We know the guy has a substance abuse problem and it a bit bipolar, so why are we just supposed to believe reasons like that when all know what we are thinking. Could this been Sheen falling back into his old ways? Is he heading for another downward spiral? The newly engaged actor did seem erratic on his Jay Leno appearance a few weeks before that show ended, and many are wondering if this is the beginning of another “episode”.

Truth is, if this is Charlie Sheen going back in to his old ways, he had better be careful. Many people found it funny the first time, but just like with anyone, the shtick has gotten old. We get it, dude. You like to party. That’s not that shocking. Most people do. The difference is, most people seem to know how to balance that with a professional life, and that is one area where Sheen seems like he still might need to grow up a little.

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