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Cher Lloyd Debut’s Personal Video for “Sirens”

As revealed on VEVO today, British singer and songwriter Cher Lloyd gets more personal than ever before in her brand new music video for “Sirens”.  The video is said to be emotionally charged and personally revealing.

The video chronicles a very private memory from Cher’s childhood. With her music as well as appearances, Lloyd is stretching the bar with her personal life. She opens up to everyone with an honesty that’s rarely seen in the industry. Already, she enlisted her fans, in a revolutionary move, to premiere songs from her forthcoming second full-length album Sorry I’m Late—due out May 27 on Epic Records. Powered by MTV Artist’s, MTV’s artist and music discovery site and app, fans have already debuted three album tracks, “Dirty Love”, “Human”, and “Bind Your Love” on their own socials.

Cher tweeted about this video that it’s deeply personal and a “letting down of her barriers” As it’s interpreted, she married a hair-dresser last year. Is her hairdresser husband also a drug dealer with drug dealing cronies? Seems implausible. It seems more likely that this is a scene from her childhood and she’s actually playing the role of her mother in the video. Then again, it could be something from a friend or someone else’s life.

She has also already revealed Part 1 and Part 2 of her 4-installment “Pieces of Cher” series. These videos give fans a window into her world giving them an unfiltered look at her life.

Whether it’s engaging her audience to debut music or the stark openness of the “Sirens” music video, Cher is undoubtedly evolving as an artist (as noted by her huge followings on Facebook and Twitter).

Here’s the video:

(Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

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