Chloe Moretz’s Star Just Keeps on Rising

BAFTA Los Angeles 18th Annual Awards Season Tea Party - Red Carpet

I think very few people can argue against Chloe Moretz’s star being on the rise. The thing is, it deserves to be. If there is one young actress in Hollywood right now who we are all keeping our eyes on, it is Chloe. She just has that skill and ability to draw anyone in to the roles she is playing. From playing Hit Girl in a certain comic book movie, to starring in the brilliant kid’s movie Hugo, she just oozes talent. Well, apparently she is oozing money as well.

If you want to know just how much Chloe Moretz’s star is on the rise, dip over to TMZ. They have some staggering stats about what the young star is making per picture now. The long and the short is, Chloe Moretz stands to make as much as one million dollars for her next role. The thing is, she is still a minor and directors and producers need to file papers and get court’s permission to work with her because of her age. Bet you didn’t know that about underage actors and actresses. But after starring in Carrie, seems Chloe is bringing in the big bucks now.

The way we see it  is this. She works as hard and is as entertaining as any adult in her industry, so shouldn’t she make just as much?

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images For BAFTA Los Angeles)

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