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Chris Brown and Drake Sue Each Other Over Nightclub Incident

Chris Brown and Drake are going after each other in court over their gargantuan fight last June at W.i.P. nightclub in New York City.  A guy named Romain Julien, a French model, filed suit against Brown, Drake and the club for the injuries he claims he suffered during the bottle-throwing fight.

Now both Drake and Brown have filed legal docs in which they point the guilty finger at each other. It’s a little technical, but each is asking the judge to pin the blame on the other.  This sounds about right.  It’s like two little kids playing innocent over who ate the candy they weren’t supposed to.  Only in this case it’s two big children who have millions of dollars in hand.  And they didn’t eat candy.  They got into a brawl causing major damage at a nightclub.

Good analogy right?

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