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Chris Brown is Tired of Accusations

Everyone has their limits and on Tuesday Chris Brown appeared to have reached his. On the same day that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office issued a harsh 19-page report
 alleging that Brown did not complete his 180 days of community labor in connection with his sentence for the 2009 assault on Rihanna, the singer took to his now-private Instagram
 account to vent.

“I’m wise, I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo!!,” Brown wrote in a lengthy post according to E! Online. “Yes it bothers me but it’s not my main focus! My music is … And when I speak on it … it’s because I want people to know how I feel.” Brown did not specify what “it” was, but whatever it is, he was clearly upset about it.

There is one phrase that strikes me as odd in Brown’s little rant here.   “I’m wise.”   Let’s think about that for a minute.   First of all, no one at the age of 23 is wise, no matter how smart they are or would like us to think they are. 

Given how much celebrities are in the public eye and what appears to be 99% of the time “rumors” coming true about people doing bad things in the last 5 years, I’m gonna have to side with the media and not Brown here.

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