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Chris Brown May Strike a Financial Deal to Get out of Jail

The general rule in Hollywood land is that, as long as you have a good lawyer and a ton of money, nothing you do will really be held against you. A perfect example of this is pop singer Chris Brown. The man has stacked negative thing on top of negative thing, and never seems to get more than a slap on the hand. In the most recent revelation, we find out that Chris Brown may strike a financial deal to get out of jail.

The long story short even though this has been a long time coming for the singer, is that he and his lawyer are waving around insane amounts of cash in hopes that they get the charges diminished. So, to put this mildly, Chris Brown is trying to buy his way out of trouble.  We would hope that the judge or whoever else is in charge of this “plea” knows better and will do the right thing.

It would be nice if people like Chris Brown and Justin Bieber would man up and accept their faults and admit their wrongdoings.   How about they own up to the fact that they have made some terrible life choices? How about someone holding them accountable for their actions? I know, I know, it sounds insane. But this kind if attitude is never going to change in people like Chris Brown unless they can actually be held accountable on some level. We will keep you posted with how this plays out.

(Photo by Lucy Nicholson-PoolGetty Images)

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