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Chris Brown Released Early From Jail

Chris Brown Court Appearance

What is it with celebrities and serving time in jail? No celebrity or athlete has ever served a full-sentence, or at least that’s what is seems like. Perhaps this is how it is in the real world and we just don’t know about it, but all we hear about is celebrities getting out of jail early.

Which leads us to Chris Brown… all he did was violate his probation multiple times, but he’s out of jail early. According to reports, Brown, who was given an extra 131 days behind bars for violating his probation in the Rihanna assault case, was released early from jail yesterday. He was released Monday morning at 12:01 and there has been no story as to why he served a shorter sentence than expected.

There’s really no rhyme or reason for Brown’s early release. During a May court appearance he was sentenced to an additional 365 days, but given credit for 116 days already served. June rolled around and he’s out. Brown’s legal troubles aren’t completely done though. He still has to answer to a fight in Washington, D.C. in which he attacked a man.

Following his release Brown took to Twitter to announce he’s going back to music. He also thanked his fan.

Photo by Paul Buck-Pool\Getty Images

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