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Chris Brown Sends a Message To Fans From Jail

Chris Brown has had a pretty interesting ride, huh? Seemed like the young star had the world in his hands, and then he seemed to throw that away as the result of the violence he perpetrated against pop star and then girlfriend, Rihanna. As many of you know, Chris Brown is in jail right now, dealing with some legal fallout after all the trouble that has been following him. But the singer released a new single, and wanted everyone to know he is doing fine.

The troubled pop star sent a message to his girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, whom then conveyed a message within the message that he had for fans. He said that he hopes they like the new single and video, and that, essentially, he is doing fine.  We assume that’s about the best he can probably relay at this point.  He’s certainly not going to tell everyone that he’s not doing fine.  In the same breath, we’re a little curious as to why Karrueche Tran is even attaching herself to Brown right now.  It’s tough to imagine trusting a guy with this kind of past (and possibly future).

Whatever the case, we do hope that Brown’s time in jail will in some way be a positive thing for the singer.  Then again it’s very difficult to predict these things.

(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

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