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Chris Brown and Trey Songz Announce Joint Tour

Two of R&B’s biggest stars, Chris Brown and Trey Songz, have hinted that they may be putting on a joint tour.  Yesterday Chris Brown tweeted: “This FALL is gonna be legendary! Get ready for me and @TreySongz tour!!!!!!” followed by an Instagram video where he boldly says “real r&b, real singing, real performances, a ton of ladies”  This prompted a response from Trey Songz who uploaded his own video to Instagram instigating the comments made by Brown. “Bruh,” Songz says while riding in a vehicle “you just gon’ tell the people we going on tour? Did you think of a name? You got a name? It would be a good tour though, I’m thinking about it.  Is they ready?” The two continued to post back and forth videos leading to a frenzy of tweets and instagram comments from fans of both of the artists.  Fans everywhere tweeted with the hashtags “#ChrisBrownTreySongzTourName” and “#TreySongzChrisBrownTourName” as a way to suggest names for the tour.

A tour featuring both of these artists will certainly sell out arenas around the world.  Both men have been nominated for several Grammys with Brown winning the award for best R&B album in 2012 for his hit album “F.A.M.E”  If this tour actually happens it will be Brown’s first major tour since he was released from jail on June 2, 2014 after serving 131 days in jail for violating the rules of his rehab facility and being kicked out.  While, other than being in the same genre, Brown and Songz have very different performing styles the joint tour concept seems to be working very well this year.

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s On The Run Tour recently wrapped up its final show in the United States and was a huge hit, meanwhile Drake and Lil Wayne have just embarked on their Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour.  There are no details as of yet on the specifics of the tour and because Brown and Songz don’t have a catalog of music together the two would more than likely perform their own solo acts. If this tour comes to fruition it can be a great way for Songz to promote his new album, Trigga, and for Brown to attempt to redeem himself – yet again.

(Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for GQ)

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