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Christian Bale to Play Steve Jobs in Upcoming Biopic?

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Didn’t Ashton Kutcher just play Steve Jobs in a movie that bombed at the box office? The answer to that question is ‘yes’. This, of course, leads to a second question – what makes anyone, including director David Fincher, think that another Jobs movie would be successful?  Regardless, Fincher wants Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in Sony’s upcoming biopic. The movie is based on a script written by Aaron Sorkin and Fincher believes that Bale would be the ideal Jobs. Well, we know Ashton Kutcher wasn’t…..

Right now Bale and his people have not even been approached about the deal. When reached for comment they had nothing to say about the film. What is known is that Fincher has made a point to say that if Bale isn’t attached to the role, he’s not going to direct it.

Back to what we started with – according to The Huffington Post this film could put Bale in contention for an Oscar for three consecutive years. 2014 was American Hustle, 2015 promises to be for the movie Exodus directed by Ridley Scott (Bale plays Moses, and 2016 would be the new Steve Jobs biopic).

Listen, we think the world of Christian Bale as an actor, but we’re not buying anything until we see what is going to separate Kutcher’s Jobs and Bale’s Jobs strictly from a movie script perspective.

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