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Ciara Spends $20K on a Jungle Themed Nursery for Her Unborn Child

You know what? I get it. This is one of those things I get. I know celebrities are frivolous with their money, and to some, this purchase may seem frivolous. But I get it when it comes to having a kid. The very best part about being rich must be in being able to provide the best for those you love. Ciara is about to have a baby, and just spent 2ok hooking up the baby’s nursery. I think we can all safely say that if we were superstars and were about to have our first baby, we would be going all in, too.

So what cost so much? Well, the long and the short is, she wanted to make a jungle themed nursery, and bought some really expensive stuffed animals and things like that to lend to the feeling of the room. She also shopped at Petit Tresor in L.A. For those who know nothing about that “boutique”, it is a baby shop, for people who have millions. No joke. Buying a crib at Petit Tresor costs as much as putting a new room in your house. But you know how it works in L.A. Always gotta out do the next people. Always gotta keep up with the trends.

Like I said in the intro, though. I get it. Spoiling your first child (when you come from a life where you weren’t spoiled as a child at all) kind of makes sense. Being comfortable financially is great, because you get to ensure that those you love get the best in life. Granted Ciara just spent more in one day than I make in a year, but still, that is her prerogative.

Still beats those stars who spend it on themselves.

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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