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Clare Crawley Reveals What Really Happened with Juan Pablo on The Bachelor

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If you’re like most people you’ve been trying your best to forget this season of The Bachelor. The sooner we can rid ourselves of Juan Pablo the better off we’re going to be. Today, however I will gladly make an exception… News surfaced that Clare Crawley spilled the beans as to what happened with her and Juan Pablo this season on the show. How could we resist. Then we watched the video and realized we were DUPED again by the show. Crawley appeared on Good Morning America yesterday and discussed her experience with Juan Pablo, which she called “a blessing in disguise” that she wasn’t proposed to.

Shame on me for not being able to rid myself of Juan Pablo!  Crawley tells us everything that we already knew about her and the show. She was falling in love with JP, he treated her terribly, and she’s dating somebody already. Oh boy. I promise this will be the end of Juan Pablo for a while. He was easily one of the worst bachelors in the history of the show. I guess we’ll be posting news about him and Nicki Ferrell, but don’t worry that won’t last very long.

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