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Clay Aiken is Thinking Over a Bid For Congress

Clay Aiken

Before I start telling you the details about how Clay Aiken is thinking over a bid for congress, I need to get something off my chest. How come, if you are a celebrity, you can just consider being in congress? Doesn’t being in congress take a lot more work than just waking up one day thinking it might be fun? According to this article, nope. You can just kind of decided one day. Seems that’s just what Clay Aiken is doing.

So according to USA Today, Clay Aiken is considering a run for congress in North Carolina’s 2nd district (may the odds be forever in your favor). The pop singer has been incredibly active in gay and lesbian right issues with the state, and is actually be considered for a position in congress. As we speak, right now, Clay Aiken is calling around and seeing what kind of support he would get if he were to join the ballot.

You know, I made some jokes leading into this, but I actually really commend what Clay Aiken is doing here. How many people get a shot at fame, and then try to use that fame to better the world? Not many, but it seems that is just what Clay Aiken may be planning to do.

Now THAT is an American Idol.

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

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