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Clint Eastwood Gets Swatted but again, It’s a Prank

A “swatting” prankster in L.A. must have a death wish because the latest bogus 911 call to involve a celebrity targeted Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, multiple units rushed to Eastwood’s L.A. home this week after a relay service called 911 reporting multiple males armed with assault weapons inside the actor’s house and people had been shot.

What the hell is going on in society where someone has to spend an inordinate amount of time setting this whole thing up?  I’m imagining there’s plenty of technology involved here to make these calls seem legit and from a location that can’t be traced.  But in the meantime these people are wasting the time and efforts of cops who can be solving real crimes.

I mean what is the point here?  So that we can report it on our websites?  It makes no sense.

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