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Collector Pays Big Money for Slice of Princess Diana and Prince Charles Wedding Cake

Most people want to own a slice of history or something royal, and now one lucky person does. A private collector just spent $1,375 on a piece of wedding cake that’s 33-years-old. What makes a piece of cake more than 3 decades old worth more than a thousand dollars, you ask? Well, that piece of wedding cake was from the wedding cake of Princess Diana and Prince Charles at their 1981 wedding. The cake was still in the box it was put into when it was saved.

Nate D. Sanders Auctions sold the cake last week to a private collector who is reportedly thrilled to have an actual piece of history in his possession. The box in which the cake is held features the letters C and D in an interlocking pattern, and it comes with a personalized card from the couple.

“With best wishes from the Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of Wales,” is the message inscribed on the card that comes along with the box and the decades-old slice of wedding cake. Sam Heller is the spokesman for the auction house.

According to Heller, the wedding cake from Princess Diana and Prince Charles 1981 wedding has never been removed from its original wax paper covering, but that it’s not a cake that the collector would want to eat at any point. It’s no longer considered edible, only a collector’s item. Additionally, Heller also relays information that there is a relatively large group of royal cake collectors in the world. He went onto discuss that some of the cakes that have been purchased through the auction house date back to 1840 when Queen Victoria was married in Great Britain. It’s impressive that the cake lasted longer than the actual marriage, but it’s still not good enough to eat.

(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

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