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Congratulations to Tate Stevens for Taking Home the X Factor Title

In the end, it was the country singer and all-around family man from Belton, Missouri, Tate Stevens, who won the second season of “X Factor” during Thursday night’s finale. But even after his named had been called and the last of the confetti had dropped, it still didn’t dawn on Stevens that he just won a $5 million recording contract.

“I can’t explain it. It’s not real, it hasn’t happened,” Stevens told MTV News backstage immediately after his big win. “I don’t know. I’m so blessed to be here and be in this situation. It’s crazy.”

It’s tough not to give it to Stevens.  The guy has a hell of a voice and he clearly deserved the honor.   I guess the next question is will this victory turn Stevens into a commercial success like so many American Idols.   Only time will tell but my smart money says that Stevens will be a popular country singer for years to come.

Nicely done buddy.

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