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Corin Nemec, Star of “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” Recovering from a Horrible Boating Crash

Corin Nemec, star of the ’90s sitcom “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose” is recovering from emergency surgery after he shattered his leg and lost tons of blood in a bad boating accident this weekend. Nemec says he was on board a Coast Guard vessel in Belize on Saturday morning, on his way to shoot a scene for a movie when the boat crashed into a semi-submerged barge.

Nemec claims he suffered major injuries in the wreck and was transported to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery. At the time Nemec was working on a movie for Syfy called “Poseidon Rex.” Apparently on a boat they hit a sinking barge with so much force that he shattered his femur in three places.

The break was so bad that Nemec actually lost half the blood in his body. It required multiple blood transfusions to save his life. We hope that he recovers quickly.

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