Country Legend Ray Price Dies at the Age of 87

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You may not know who Ray Price is, but chances are, your parents do. He was a famous country crooner who led country music from its sound and style in the fifties to its more popular honky tonk ties in the 70′s. Bad news in the country world today as country legend Ray Prices dies at 87 years old. Leaving behind him a musical legacy that will be felt for ages.

The Houston Chronicle has more on the wonderful artist. Sadly, Ray had been battling pancreatic cancer, and it finally ended up being too much for him. But for many left behind who are fond of the singer, it really is a tragic passing. Many think country music would not be in the place it is currently had Ray Price not brought the scene as far as he did during the amazing span of his career. Best known for his hit Crazy Arms, in a final interview held with the singer way back at the beginning of the decade, he made it clear that he was proud of how far he had come and just the scope of the impact he had on country music.

One thing is for certain. When someone as big as country legend Ray Price dies, you know the country world will look up and take notice. We are here to prove the rest of the world should, too.

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

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