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Country Music Hall of Fame Opens Kenny Rogers Exhibit

Kenny Rogers has a lot to celebrate as his 76th birthday approaches this week. The country music superstar was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame last year, and this year he is being honored by the hall with an exhibit all about his life and career. “Through the Years,” is an exhibit that takes fans from the beginning of Rogers’ career throughout his life to the present day. The exhibit will be in place at the Nashville Country Music Hall of Fame until June 14, 2015. The exhibit opened last week, and Rogers was present for a VIP tour.

“I haven’t always been this old. When I was a member of the First Edition, I was a happening dude! I had long black hair, a black beard, shades and an earring. I was totally groovy. I woke up the other day and I was really old,” he joked to his friends, family and other who came to the Hall of Fame to see his new exhibit. The exhibit includes photos, memorabilia and even clothing that the singer wore many decades ago.

Before he was Kenny Rogers, country music superstar, he was Kenny Rogers, band member. The beginning of his career in music was as a member of a band called First Edition, who released several famous songs in the late 60s. The singer was on hand to talk about his career and his life, and to celebrate the opening of the exhibit last week.

He brought his twin sons, 10, along with, and the boys were excited when the Hall of Fame presented their father with a bedazzled birthday cake for his upcoming birthday. Of course, what kids aren’t excited about cake for any reason? Rogers’ fans have about 10 months to get to Nashville to see this cool walk through Rogers’ life before the exhibit is taken down.

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

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