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Daniela Cortazar-Shockey is Not Happy about Pictures Being Posted

Despite the agreement which leaves her with zilch in the event of a divorce, Daniela claims she’s still entitled to temporary alimony and lawyers’ fees under Florida law. Daniela is also demanding at least $15,000 from Jeremy, claiming he violated a privacy provision in the prenup by posting a picture of Daniela’s butt on Instagram recently, long after they split up.

I just have one question here.  Is Daniela still using the name Shockey?  Why of COURSE she is!  If Daniela is so removed from the football player’s wrath then why is she still using his name?  And why is she seeking money?  I tell ya I’m in one of those moods today where I’m thinking “some people just always try and take the easy way out.”

Then again if my wife posted nude pictures of me on the internet tomorrow I’d be none too please.  But that’s really because I haven’t worked out yet this week.  I mean come on Daniela!

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