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Dating Game Host Jim Lange Dies at 81

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Alright, We’ll admit. This is probably before your time (unless you are 65 plus), so the brunt of this news may be lost on you. Jim Lange, the host of the famous show The Dating Game passed away at 81 years old. For those who don’t know, The Dating Game was a show from the 70’s and 80’s where a people would talk to three potentially dates (while unable to see them) and then they would choose one to go out on a date with. The whole hook of the show was that it was built off of dirty puns and double entendres. Lange hosted the show for many years, as well as other game shows.

Sadly, Jim Lange had a heart attack two days ago and his home, and shuffled off this mortal coil. But he will always be remembered as the rambunctious host who helped many find love. Okay, well not love, per say. The Dating Game was most notable for its cavalry of famous guests. Most notably, Michael Jackson. Yes, he was trying to meet woman, so don’t even ask.

The show consisted of the guests on one side of the stage, with a wall separating the other side. On the other side would be the three potential dates who would then field questions and try to answer them as lasciviously as possible to get the audience to react. The more the audience would hoo and haa to your answers, the better your chances of landing the date was. Yes, the 70’s were a very odd time.

Jim Lange was 81, and was survived by his wife and presumably grown children. I would say read more at Reuters, but there is nothing more to read.

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