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David Letterman Pays Tribute to Robin Williams

On Wednesday evening, talk show host David Letterman used some of his Late Show airtime to pay tribute to the late Robin Williams. Letterman presented a ten minute collection of memories and personal photographs in honor of Williams, also highlighting some of his appearances on Letterman’s show.  Letterman, who shared a 38 year friendship with Williams and interviewed him over 50 times stated: “It was just a pleasure to know the guy…he was a gentlemen and delightful.”  Letterman’s montage consisted of pictures of Williams throughout the years alongside some of his comedic contemporaries.

During the tribute Letterman reminisces on his first encounter with Williams who he met at The Comedy Store in San Diego, California when Letterman saw Williams perform for the first time he said, “It was like nothing we had ever seen before, had ever imagined before…We’re like the morning dew, and he comes in like a hurricane.” Of course, the rest of the world would eventually share his sentiments in regards to Williams’ talents which would eventually help him to reach a level of fame that most people can only imagine. 

While Williams and Letterman were long time friends, the talk show host says that he was unaware of that Williams was “in pain” and “suffering.” The two comedians shared a bond that existed both on an off screen with Williams visiting Letterman as a guest on The Late Show, and Letterman guest starring on an episode of Mork & Mindy.  Letterman, who does not typically have acting roles, says that his appearance on Mork & Mindy came at the “detriment” of the show and that producers were not pleased with his acting skills; however, Williams enjoyed getting his fellow funny friends spots on the show.

In one clip during the tribute, Williams appears on The Late Show dressed as a surgeon; this appearance came shortly after Letterman’s return to the show following his open heart surgery.  Williams pulls down his surgical mask and jokes with his long time friend, “aren’t you glad you glad you didn’t see this in the surgery,” evoking laughter from the crowd.  Letterman closes his heart warming ode by saying that in response to the lose of Williams he is “sorry, like everybody else,” and it clear that there was great love and respect between the two men; the stories and memories that Letterman shared make the loss of Williams even more devastating.

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

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