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David Letterman Welcomes Stephen Colbert

When I heard David Letterman was retiring, I made my case for why I thought Louis C.K. should have gotten the show. I thought he would go a great job being smart and snarky, but somehow still managing to be likable. But when I heard they announced Stephen Colbert it all kind of clicked. That is a perfect fit. Conservative and snarky, of course! On last night’s episode, David Letterman welcomed Stephen Colbert with open arms. It was nice to see the foreshadowing, and it seemed to the two have a lot of fun together. Heck, they even took a selfie together.

When David Letterman welcomed Stephen Colbert last night, it was just a sort of test run. A nice opportunity for the two to acknowledge each other, and tell some stories that may be pertinent. For example, did you know Colbert was offered an intern position on the show at one point, many years ago? The funniest thing being, he did not take it because he could not afford to have a non-paying job at the time. The best part is, he didn’t need it. He ended up with the show, anyway.

It is always a strange feeling knowing you are losing a pop culture icon, but I don’t think it will be a hard transition for pop culture, because we all already love Stephen Colbert as it is. Regardless, it was nice to see how warmly David Letterman welcomes Stephen Colbert. He’s a classy dude, and that proved it.

(Photo by Brad Barket /Getty Images)

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