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Deaf Offensive player Derrick Coleman Makes Surprise Visit to Hearing Impaired Girls

I love stories like this. Happy stories with happy endings, featuring good people doing good things for other people. In this case, I am talking about offensive player Derrick Coleman, and how he surprised some hearing impaired fans if his by personally inviting them to the Super Bowl this weekend. Not only is he setting a good example for athletes. He is setting a damn good example for humanity.

So as many of you know, Seahawks player Derrick Coleman was born deaf. But he overcame this adversity to become the first legally deaf offensive player in the NFL. This, of course, inspired many other hearing impaired people to go for their dreams. Two young girls who are also hearing impaired tweeted the star a good luck message on Twitter, letting him know they know how he feels and they have faith in him. What he did next nobody was expecting.

Deaf offensive player Derrick Coleman then invited the two girls to come join him and watch him play the Super Bowl, live. How awesome is that? He also surprised them with a random meeting, all filmed by Good Morning America.

Well, if that story doesn’t renew your faith in humanity, nothing will.

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