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Debbie Rowe Heads to Court for Michael Jackson’s Kids

Ah, how surreal it must be the be Michael Jackson’s kids. Your Dad has passed on, there are rumors all around him, and no one is even sure if you are really his kids. To make matters weirder, Debbie Rowe (who Michael had two of these kids with) is now seeking custody of them. She wants Michael Jackson’s kids back because she is convinced the way they are living and whom they are living with is unhealthy for them. So who do they live with?

Michael Jackson’s kids live with Katherine Jackson (their Grandma) and Debbie Rowe’s whole angle is that the lady is old and out of touch. She also says the kids have no authority in the house, and this is causing Prince to develop a dirty mouth and be kind of a punk.  As you know, Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter, actually already had some problems, as she attempted to kill herself last year.

The one Debbie Rowe seems the most worried about is not even her own child. It is Blanket. Michael Jackson’s kid from another marriage. She thinks his young age makes him more susceptible and impressionable. She also claims that Jermaine is pretty weird and needs to stay away from the kids.

She knew what she was signing up for. Not saying it is okay, but also not saying she is guilt free.

(Photo by MJ Kim/Getty Images)

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