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Dennis Haskins AKA Mr Belding Wants in on the Saved by the Bell Reunion

“Saved by the Bell” is another step closer to a comeback … Mr. Belding himself — aka Dennis Haskins — tells TMZ he’s all for a Bayside High reunion, just days after Mark-Paul Gosselaar said he wasn’t opposed to the idea. Mark-Paul Gosselar was in L.A. last weekend and told TMZ if the upcoming “Boy Meets World” revamp works out, then “maybe we’ll do a reunion as well.”

That’s all it took for Mr. Belding to board the gravy train saying “I have always supported a reunion of any kind including all of us” before adding, “Honestly, the fans still love us and our show so much, they deserve it!”

Is it me or does it look like Haskins is the one cast member from the show who’s by far having the most fun since the show ended?  I mean Gosselar has the best career now since he’s the only one on television but Haskins is the one who is always caught partying and being inebriated.

I almost think of him as a poor man’s Bob Saget.   Saget is far more successful but no one really knew how nutty he was outside of Full House and just assumed he was as lame as his character on the show.

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