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Dennis Rodman Gets Upset on CNN over North Korea

Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman Visits China

Any fan of 90’s Chicago Bulls Dennis Rodman knows, the man cries a lot. He really does. You can look up Dennis Rodman crying on Youtube and find at least ten separate examples. He is just a very emotional man. Dennis Rodman gets upset and quite easily. So it should come to no surprise Dennis Rodman gets upset when CNN brings up his relationship with North Korean superhero Kim Jong Un. Sorry Dennis, but what did you expect?

So the long story short is, CNN wanted to know why Dennis Rodman seems so cool with North Korea. This was enough to cause Dennis Rodman to lose his mind and start wimpering and yelling about how he is just “trying to open doors”. Honestly, Dennis Rodman is trying to imply he is chilling with Kim Jong Un to help work out relations between the U.S and North Korea.  Of course he is a hero of diplomacy and none of us could tell. That makes so much sense. To think, we all thought Dennis Rodman was just some guy who loved attention and does whatever it takes at any given time to get that attention. Oh boy, were we wrong!

(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

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