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Dennis Rodman Sang Happy Birthday to Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman Celebrates his 50th Birthday At The AXE Lounge In Southampton

Dennis Rodman continued his odd relationship with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un this week by singing him a heartfelt rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ before an exhibition basketball game between American players and a North Korean team.

[Click this link to see the video of Rodman’s ‘Happy Birthday’]

The drama surrounding Rodman’s bizarre relationship with the Kim Jong Un has continued to turn heads. Lately, Rodman was entangled in a situation with the family of Kenneth Bae, an American who was being held in North Korea. While Rodman has preached his intent is a step towards a peaceful reconciliation with North Korea he’s done anything, but make peace. Instead, he’s turned his ill-conceived game with Un into a dangerous farce.

There’s no doubt that celebrities have the power to impact this world in a positive manner, but Rodman is hardly a celebrity and he’s terribly mistaken in efforts.

Image via Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Axe

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