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Despite New Short Story, Daniel Radcliffe Doubts He’ll Play Harry Potter Again

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 2 - World Film Premiere

By now, you had to be a muggle to have not heard the news. A new Harry Potter short story has come out. This, of course, gets Potter fans all worked up thinking there may be a chance at a new movie. As much as we hate to kill dreams, that is just what we have to do here. Well, we will leave the actual dream killing to Daniel Radcliffe this time.

” I have not read it yet, but my understanding is that it is very short. Not worthy of adaptation to film.” Keep in mind, Daniel Radcliffe is not trying to crush any hopes and dreams. He is simply being realistic. He also talks about the Harry Potter in this new short story is actually over a decade older than Radcliffe is right now. So he said, at least for the time being, he doesn’t see it as being something he will have to worry about.

Now for all those folks in denial who didn’t read the last part of this article right, it looks unlikely that the new short story was written with the attempt to be made into a film. It is a bit too short and set further along the timeline than any of the actors can portray right now.

In other words, you probably wont see Harry played by Radcliffe ever again. Not saying that to make you sad. Just stating facts.

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