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Diane O’Meara Is the Women in the Pictures of Manti Te’o’s Fake girlfriend

The woman Manti Te’o thought was Lennay Kekua from photos has come forward and she’s not happy. Diane O’Meara, a 23-year-old woman from Torrance, Calif., says she is the woman in the photos and that she did not give her consent to have them used as part of what appears to be a hoax.

“Somebody stole her identity,” a relative named Olga Volkov told The New York Post. “[O’Meara’s family] found out about it yesterday. They were shocked.” According to Deadspin, the woman in the photo was a high school classmate of Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, the man who appears to have perpetrated the hoax from the beginning.

Hey at least Ronaiah has good taste right?  And the funny thing is that this picture is just the kind of picture that could get a male pseudo interested.  It’s the kind of picture that gives “hope.”  It’s not too much make up.  Diane looks natural, “real.”   Trust me folks.  I’ve been there before.  Trying to identify an online photograph as being genuine is a pain in the butt and this photo fits the profile of “hope.”

I wonder if O’Meara gets her own reality show now.

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