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Did Taylor Swift Tweet About her Split from Harry Styles?

Even though it was just one week ago when they were spotted ringing in 2013 with a kiss, the singer, 23, and One Direction star Harry Styles, 18, are no longer an item, reports the Daily Mail.  The publication cites an unnamed source as saying the pair had a big fight after their New Year’s Eve PDA. Apparently, Swift and Styles jetted off to the British Virgin Islands on New Year’s Day for a little R&R, but Swift cut the vacation short and flew back to the USA on her own Jan. 4.

Adding fuel to the romance fire is a tweet from Swift, quoting her own song, Trouble. It says simply: “…’til you put me down.”

Ladies and Gentlemen.  May I point something out please?  She’s 23!  Come on already!   We’re going nuts on every single thing that Swift does as it pertains to men.   Dare I say she’s like a Jennifer Aniston before Jennifer realized she was 40 years old?  I mean come on already.  She’s 23!  Should I say it again?  She’s 23!   Are we expecting her to settle down with an 18 year old?  Man oh man.   Normal “humans” don’t settle down in the U.S. until way later.  Swift just has too much life ahead of her to keep a guy right now.

Tell you what though.   As long as Taylor signs no pre-nup, I’m happy to step in.  Sure I’m 33, married, and have a kid but come on!   I’ve got the experience Taylor!

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