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Did We Really Need Proof that Beyonce was a Good Singer?

Talk about one of the dumbest stories of the past week.  Everyone’s been talking about Beyonce and her lip synching at the inauguration.  We get it.  She admitted it.  Who cares?  It’s not like she’s a bad singer but obviously to put all of this to bed Beyonce belted out a live version of the Star Spangled Banner yesterday on live television.  She of course nailed it.

I understand how some people could be annoyed at the inauguration crap but come on.  The woman’s been singing in front of huge live audiences for nearly 20 years now.  Let’s give her a break.  She was probably a little nervous and it happens.  Come on kids.   If this were Britney Spears I could understand it but there’s just no way to dispute Beyonce’s voice.

To see her performance check out the video.

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