Someone Thought Diddy Was Kanye at a Recent Art Show

Sean "Diddy" Combs Hosts Pool Party At The Palms In Las Vegas

So imagine, you are Diddy, chilling at an art show in Miami. All is going well, and more and more people are gravitating towards you. Eventually, you find yourself in a circle of fans. You start readying to sign some autographs and suddenly, you hear someone refer to you as the wrong name. That is when it hits you. They think you are Kanye West. That is just what happened when someone thought Diddy was Kanye at a recent art how. Honestly, the two rappers could not be more different, truth be told. has some details, but we can give a funnier, quicker version. initially, someone thought Diddy was Kanye. That in itself is a mistake, but the insane part is, that very idea took over, and soon enough they were all circling him, waiting for one of those oft unforgettable Kanye West quotes to start coming out. But someone in the crowd knew better and pointed out that Diddy was actually Diddy and not Kanye West. People are saying that Diddy had a good laugh about it and then everything got back to business, but we know ego in Hollywood.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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