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DMX is Arrested For Driving without a License

The rapper DMX was handcuffed and taken to Spartanburg Detention Center around 2AM after an officer saw him driving a 1978 Buick and pulled him over for allegedly driving without a license. DMX spoke to the local FOX station as he left the police station and said, “No, I didn’t have a license, put the cuffs on me. Brought me here. I paid the money. Basically, just 5 hours wasted for nothing.”

I guess some would argue it wasn’t wasted for nothing DMX.  You had no license therefore it was illegal for you to be driving your ’78 Buick.  Why are you driving that kind of car anyway? 

Just go to the DMV Mr. DMX and all will be forgiven.   And stop getting into so many mugshots will ya?

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