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Domestic Dispute: Ramona Singer and Husband Mario Separated, Already Dating

Viva Pinot Ramona, Star Of The Real Housewives of New York, at Mount Airy Casino Resort

Another Real Housewives marriage is in jeopardy. What seems like an ongoing trend with the reality TV series this time it’s Ramona Singer and her husband Mario’s turn to make headlines.

According to US Weekly, Ramona and Maria are separated and have already started dating other people. The relationship is anything, but amicable. Recently, the couple got into a heated fight in the Hamptons in which the police had to be called. Apparently after everything calmed down, Ramona offered the police officers a glass of wine. Nice right?

The couple who share a college-aged daughter have yet to declare if they are going to file for divorce. We believe it’s inevitable because all reports are indicating that the couple is brutally fighting. There were also some rumors that Mario impregnated a woman he cheated with. Things are not all pleasant in the lands of Real Housewives.

Image via Mark Von Holden/Getty Images for Mount Airy Casino Resort

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