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Dr. Dre Close to Selling Beats Headphones to Apple

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Dr. Dre’s empire is about to get a little lighter. His pockets on the other hand might be able to sink the titanic. Dre created Beats headphones in 2008 and just six years later he may be cashing in if Apple has their way.

According to reports, Dr. Dre is close to selling his Beats Electronics empire to Apple for a whopping $3.2 billion. That number would be Apple’s largest acquisition of all-time.  Beats is primarily known for its high-end headphones, but they also operate a new streaming music service.

Most recently, Forbes estimated the value of Beats to be about $2 billion. Yes, you’re thinking what we are – Apple would be paying well above that number. What’s an extra $1.2 billion to Apple right? Perhaps what is most interesting is not Dre selling Beats, but Apple being the one buying. The company isn’t know for huge acquisitions like its Silicon Valley counterparts. The $3.2 billion is the same amount of money that Google paid for Nest Labs back in January.

The deal could be announced as early as next week. There’s no mention of what Dre is planning to do if the deal goes through. He certainly will have enough money to do whatever he wants. Will he start another venture or ride off into the sunset?

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