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Drake is Confirmed as Host of 2014 ESPY Awards

You know what, good for Drake. I don’t think when any of us saw him on Degrassi we were thinking: Hey, one day that kid is gonna be a master rapper and probably host the ESPYs. Well, we learned two things from when we first thought that. One, he wasn’t really handicapped and was only playing it for TV, and two, Drake is confirmed as host of 2o14 ESPYs, so I guess we were just wrong on all fronts.

But if you stop to take a moment and think about it, it kind of makes perfect sense. Drake is huge right now, being well known all throughout the world. I mean, if you look at the state of hip hop, he is one of the most popular artists out there right now. And if you look at how closely the hip hop world and the sports world inter-mingle, it actually seems like someone made a pretty smart choice about who should host this year.

I was going to make an “I Got My Eyes On You” joke but I just didn’t have the heart for it today . I guess that is why Drake is confirmed to host the 2014 ESPYs, and I am the guy sitting home in a robe, writing about it.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

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