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Dynasty Actress Kate O’ Mara Dies at 74

You have to have grown up in the 80’s to truly know the impact the show Dynasty had on TV. It was just one of those shows that had a huge impact, and almost all people who were alive back then were watching it. It was one of those adult, nighttime soap operas that just brought in lots of viewers and kept people talking. Sadly, today we are met with news that one of the stars from that show, Kate O’ Mara, has passed away at 74 years old.

You may not know the name off hand, but Kate O’ Mara played Caress Morell (no, I am not making that name up to be funny) on the show, and left a lasting impression on viewers over the decades. Though many do not know, Kate O’ Mara was met with tragedy in 2012 when her son took his own life. Now, two years later, the actress herself has shuffled off this mortal coil, leaving a trail of talented roles behind her. Though details are slim right now, doesn’t seem to be anything suspicious involved. Just an untimely passing of a TV star who will be remembered for decades.

One of Kate O’ Mara’s co-stars, Joan Collins, took to Twitter to publicly mourn the passing of her friend, all while making others aware she had passed. We offer up our sympathies to Kate O’ Mara’s family in these trying times, and are grateful for the way she shared her talent with the world.

(Photo by Carl Court – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

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