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Edward Norton Goes Real Fight Club on Paparazzi in New York

Edward Norton apparently had an altercation with an amateur photographer in New York this week which sent the man to the hospital.  The New York Post reported Norton, 43, was walking along the street on Tuesday when he was approached by a man brandishing his phone camera. “I got a quick question: ‘People say you look like me. Is that true?’”, asked snapper Alain Becerra-Calderon.

Norton reportedly replied, “Why are you stalking me?” before shoving the camera away. The photographer then told police Norton had attacked him. He went to hospital, where a doctor said he suffered a “tissue contusion” on his middle finger. At this point police are investigating Norton on potential harassment charges.

Word is that Alain said that the event was “very very scary.”  He had a bruised finger which required bandages.   Come on man!  I thought this was going to be like a real Fight Club beating.  A bruised finger?  Eh.  I guess you don’t mess with a dude who defiled Jared Leto’s face in a movie.

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