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Elton John and David Furnish are Dads Again

After denying the news several days ago when the New York Post first reported it, Elton John’s rep is confirming it. The singer has announced on his website that he and David Furnish have become parents for a second time. The site links to a Hello! exclusive in which the two say they are “overwhelmed with happiness” at the birth of Elijah Joseph Daniel Furnish-John.

The little man was born to a surrogate mother and weighed 8lbs and 5 oz.  John and Furnish say that this newborn now “completes the family.”   I don’t know guys.  Elton John is 65 years old.  Is that really fair to a son?  When the boy graduates high school his father will be 83 years old and that’s if he lives that long.

There’s nothing wrong with bringing a child into this world but it kind of stinks for the little guy to not have one of his fathers for as long as he should.  Then again, he’s Elton John’s son so that’s a good gig.

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