20 Hard Rock Bands Your Grandkids Should Know About

Who do you have a tendency to think of when you’re thinking about heavy metal bands? Chances are, if you had to make a list of the top 20 heavy metal bands that have ever played, your list would be different from just about every other person’s. Why does this happen? It’s because music is a form of art. Just like a painting or a Broadway performance, music is subjective. Therefore, certain people prefer a particular genre of music over others. Moreover, people have a tendency to prefer a particular band or performer more than others, even within the same genre. As a direct result, your list is highly unlikely to look like anyone else’s. You probably have your favorite bands that you have listened to for years and you might even have a few newer ones that you thrown in more recently. The person next to you might come up with a completely different list. In reality, both lists are valid. This is because you can’t say that your list is definitively correct just because those are your preferences, any more than the next person could do the same thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion when it comes to anything that is subjective. With that being said, you can easily look at the success of a band in order to determine whether or not that particular group has resonated with large numbers of the general public over a period of several years. When you look at it like this, it’s sometimes easier to tell who has held the greatest degree of success.

The funny thing about heavy metal bands is that you might hear people say that they don’t like heavy metal and they never listen to it. Almost every time, there is at least one or two songs that they listen to regularly, not to mention thoroughly enjoy, that come from heavy metal bands. The thing is, some of these bands are undeniably more hardcore than others. Nevertheless, they’re all considered heavy metal performers. Even if you don’t think you listen to a lot of heavy metal, you’re likely going to have to reconsider that after you read this list. In fact, out of the top 20 heavy metal performers of all time, you might be surprised at some of the ones that show up. Without a doubt, some of them are extremely hardcore and you may or may not enjoy listening to their music. In other cases, you might be surprised that they showed up on the list as you think about all the times you have listened to their music and enjoyed it, realizing that it was indeed classified as heavy metal.

One of the truly unique things about this particular genre of music is that it encompasses such a wide range of performance styles. Because of that fact, there are acts that perform in such a way that you do well to even understand the words they are saying. To most people, it probably sounds more like yelling than anything else. To fans of the genre, these might be some of the best bands that have ever played. On the other side of the spectrum, you have bands that have been around for decades and have created some of the most memorable songs that you’re ever likely to hear. These songs are widely played on radio, and not just on stations that cater to heavy metal bands. Before you know it, you may have to reconsider the whole idea that you don’t particularly listen to the genre because it encompasses a much wider base than most people initially believe.

Below is a list of 20 of the top heavy metal bands that have ever played. Of course, you might agree with some and disagree with others, and that is perfectly fine. One thing is certain, most of these bands have been around for a few years and some of them have been around for a few decades. Obviously, they’re doing something right because they’re getting a lot of people to listen to them. Some of the bands that show up on this list are so popular that a lot of their songs are well known by people that don’t even listen to this genre of music. Others are extremely hardcore and some people might even consider them a little bit scary. Whatever your personal preferences are, keep reading to see if your favorite band shows up on the list.

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