Evelyn Lozada is Engaged to Carl Crawford

Evelyn Lozado Invades "The Whoolywood Shuffle"

Has anyone else ever noticed that once a woman dates one athlete, she seems to date only athletes? There could be two reasons for this.  So what do you think factored in now that Evelyn Lozado is engaged to Carl Crawford? We are just wondering what your impression of this is.

As many of you know, Evelyn Lozado recently ended a relationship with Chad Johnson recently under rumors of duress. While many thought she would take some time to jump back in the proverbial game, others sensed this coming because Carl is the father to Evelyn’s baby. Well, it seems that was enough to inspire the two to tie the knot. Take one look the rock on her finger and you can understand why Evelyn Lozado is engaged to Carl Crawford.

All you need to do is take a look at her 1.4 million dollar ring to know why she said yes. That may seem mean, but Crawford has a bit of a rep when it comes to the ladies, so who knows how this will play out.

More details about the nuptials over at News One.

(Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

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