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Everyone is Wondering about the Bob Costas Eye Infection

The Mint Jubilee

Man, the Olympics in Sochi are kind of a train wreck, huh? I don’t mean the actual Olympic games, but the setting. Seems like journalists all the world over are posting vids and pics of just how messed up Sochi is. From the water that comes out of the tap brown, to odd stains on the sheets, Sochi does not seem a very pleasant place to visit. Maybe no one is demonstrating this better than Bob Costas who woke up there with a nasty infection in his eye, though he is quite unsure of how he got it. Olympic fever, maybe?

What spurned the discussion about this was the fact that Bob Costas was seen at the Olympics wearing some rather insane looking glasses. This was the catalyst for people to assume that he had caught some kind of eye infection at Sochi. Well, guess what? He did. Granted, nothing a little antibiotics and a quick doctor visit couldn’t fix, but still. Seeing a major sportscaster get an eye infection from Sochi is surely not helping Sochi with its public image right now.

Basically, every bit of news that is leaking about Sochi seems to paint a picture of a place unworthy of holding such a celebrated event as the Olympics. We are thinking Putin must have made some menacing phone calls. Either way, Bob Costas seems to have his odd eye infection under control, and as they say in the world of sports and theater, the show must go on.

(Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for The Mint Jubilee)

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