Fifteen Things You Didn’t Know About Kim Kardashian

Kim, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian Sign Copies Of "Kardashian Konfidential"

Some say Kim Kardashian deserves her fame. Some people ask over and over again, why is she famous? The truth is, this stuff really can happen to anyone if they put their mind to it and focus. That, my friends, is just what she has done.  On top of that, she knows the right people, knows the right events to attend, and knows very well to keep her oh-so-famous name in everyone’s heads. As much as people may want to say she is famous for nothing, the reality is there is much more to her than people see on the surface. We may want to all write her off as someone who is fame-hungry, but in the same breath, from her clothing line and even her own perfume, she is not just sitting back, relying on her name.

She is actually an entrepreneur and knows what she wants and viciously goes after it, no matter what. We may want to scoff at her now, but she is exactly where she wants to be, and she got there by insisting everyone would know her name. Here we are, years later, and believe it or not, she is right. Kim Kardashian’s name is on our lips. All our lips. Like it or not, we all know who she is.

But the question is, do we really? We think you might be surprised at how much we may not know about her, so we put together this list. Here are fifteen things you didn’t know about Kim Kardashian.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

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